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Improving the quality of life for people with rare and severe medical conditions through personalized, ongoing direct care and support

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Be inspired and see how you can join us to make an immediate difference for people with rare medical conditions to improve the quality of their lives.
Anicee, A Dedicated Giver
Your first year in college is tough enough even without limitations. Anicee meets challenges from her rare medical condition and limited mobility head-on and moves through obstacles when most of us would give up. This young lady is all about giving back to others, but she has one special need that would make a major difference in her life.
Boundless Energy, Joyous Smile
Meet Iyla, who is beating the odds with her spirited energy and engaging smile. Through multiple surgeries and uncertain outcomes, this endearing young girl captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Together we can expand her world and multiply her opportunities to get out and experience new things.
Extraordinary Love
Meet Emma, Abby and their parents as they share their journey of extraordinary love and determination. Their incredible story defines the true meaning of courageous as they continue to be the only family with children with this rare diagnosis. See how you can help us make a difference for Emma, Abby and other courageous champions.

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See (and hear) why donors who give are forever changed after seeing the incredible impact they have in the lives of those that need it most.

Constant Hope For Maxwell:

As a vivacious five-year-old, Courageous Faces Foundation Champion Maxwell runs and plays with abandon, but that activity hides a debilitating rare genetic medical condition that his mother never stops thinking about. It’s called ALC6A1 and only 30% live to see their fifth birthday.

There is a potential cure, replacing the bad gene with a working copy of a good gene, and while awaiting government approval, donors to Courageous Faces Foundation provided some temporary relief... a year-long unlimited pass to the Dallas World Aquarium that both Maxwell and sister Riley love to visit for a much-needed smile to brighten the day.

Experiencing Community:

It’s a gathering of people who already understand the physical and emotional impact of rare medical challenges they live with daily coming together at the national Little People’s Conference in Texas.

Two of the people we support, Glory and Anicee, our Courageous Faces Champions, met up there in person for the first time. Glory has a rare form of dwarfism and Anicee has a rare Osteogenesis Imperfecta or brittle bone disease condition...

Because of your donations to Courageous Faces Foundation, Glory’s been to attend the conference the last five years.

Cyclebar Morning

A SUPER THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO PEDALED YOUR WAY TO A SUCCESSFUL CYCLEBAR EVENT to help raise money for the COURAGEOUS FACES FOUNDATION! Thank you to sponsors, AQUA-TOTS, JACK & JILL'S CHILDREN'S SALON and SONSESTA ES SUITES for their donation of great prizes to give out to our riders. Special thanks to LAURETTE, CHANEL & the TEAM at CYCLEBAR for hosting an EXHILARATING CYCLEBAR MORNING for Courageous Faces! Together, we are improving the quality of life for people living with rare medical conditions.

Maddie featured on 9NEWS Warrior Way

Congratulations, Maddie, on your amazing interview today on 9NEWS Warrior Way!
Courageous Faces is honored to have you as our Champion/Warrior as you share your story so openly. Your voice and advocacy will promote further discussions about living with a rare medical condition. You are an inspiration to us all!

The Million Dollar Man

Meet Reggie, the Million Dollar Man
Reggie used to spend 30-minutes hand sewing his pant leg together just to get dressed each day due to a rare and severe medical condition called Neurofibromatosis (NF). That all changed after the Courageous Faces Foundation reached out to master tailor Alan Rouleau who made an entire wardrobe for Reggie, including a luxury suit. The Courageous Faces Foundation also ordered boots for Reggie from the Village Shoe Shop in Houston who spent 3 months engineering and constructing custom boots to fit Reggie’s extremely enlarged left leg and foot. He now feels like the Million Dollar Man.

Hannah's Spirit Of Encouragement

Courageous Faces Foundation Champion, Hannah, wasn’t sure life would ever be more than agony after she took an antibiotic and triggered the onset of the rare Tens Syndrome...causing internal damage to the organs that can be life-threatening... and devastatingly painful blisters on the skin.

After the worst of the pain, she says Courageous Faces Foundation was a lifesaver.

"Courageous Faces has been the biggest influence for me and has given me so many opportunities to reach out to others, to do public speaking, and a modeling session, and an opportunity that I am beyond grateful that I had. It has allowed me to reach out and share my story...that no matter the pain, no matter what life has thrown at you, you can still stand up, and you can still keep walking and do everything that’s in your life to do."

A Fresh Start for CHAMPION Reggie Bibbs

Moving Courageous Faces Champion Reggie Bibbs from his late mother’s home to a new apartment was a necessity. Too many things in the home were beyond affordable repair and a new start was the best workable option. Reggie has Neurofibromatosis that produces tumors inside and outside the body. It's affected his face as well, and produced a 48-pound tumor on his left leg. The apartment, provided by generous donors to the Foundation will dramatically improve his quality of life and he is thrilled. You can be a part of changing lives like Reggie’s. Donate today and join us as we make an impact for others the Foundation supports.

Champions of the Foundation

Cassidy's New Look
Generous donors have helped provide a new look for Cassidy, one of our Courageous Faces Champions, with “hair” she loves to show off. See the huge impact Cassidy’s new look has had on her life!
Johnny Connects with Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds once again proved that he’s a good human being and is getting praise all over the internet for his wholesome response to burn survivor Jadiant’s Inspirational Instagram post.
Thank you Kait Thomas
Longtime supporter, Kait Thomas, owner of “Styled by Kait” donated her time and talents to showcase the inner and outer beauty of Champions of the Foundation, Hannah and Maddie.

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