We are the only organization of our kind.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the quality of life for those living with rare and severe medical conditions through direct, personalized and ongoing support so they can live their best life possible.

Our vision is to help them thrive, not just survive. Our support is ongoing, direct, and personalized for each of our “Inspirational Faces,” or “Champions of the Foundation”, as we call them, and their families. We work comprehensively with everyone involved to achieve the greatest benefit in the shortest time. Our Champions live with rare & severe medical conditions from genetics, injuries, illnesses, or a traumatic event. Geographically, they’re spread out over eleven different states.

Our team is determined to create a vibrant culture for them that demonstrates they are valued as a person, first and foremost, despite their medical differences. Some of them live at or below the poverty line, so our support is vital to help close the gaps and provide resources to enhance each person’s determination to live a full and productive life, no matter what challenges they face. We actively encourage our Champions to develop their unique gifts and talents and celebrate them along the way. Their attributes come alive as they share their personal stories, inspire others, and generate positive change in the hearts and minds of others. We believe this is a double benefit for those living with rare & severe differences:

  • First, it ignites and reinforces their own purpose and contribution
  • Second, it creates awareness as they work to change the public’s perceptions

Our work with all our Champions & their families is ongoing as their life evolves and their needs, hopes, and goals for their future change. As part of the “Courageous Family”, they know the Courageous Faces Foundation is here to help.  We don’t believe in the “one-and-done” approach which is why we commit to them for their future needs. Our approach fosters a true, long-term family culture where they feel safe, feel understood, feel hopeful and develop strong relationships with others who have had similar experiences. Through periodic gatherings, phone, and video calls, personal visits they enjoy and support each other and make special, life-long friendships.  

Courageous Faces Foundation is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.

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