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Condition: Dup15q

  • Amazing spirit who loves to laugh
  • Loves nature, the outdoors, and riding bikes with his mom & dad
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Aidan’s a young teen with a sparkling spirit and a beautiful smile. But as a newborn, there were many unknowns for his parents who faced significant medical complications with him almost immediately. They knew challenges were ahead as they thought about his future.

The medical reality before them was in stark contrast to their love for a wonderful child with a full head of hair and big brown eyes, whom they adored instantly.

At only four-hours old, Aidan had his first of many choking episodes due to severe GERD. At 9 months old, he was not able to sit up on his own, would not make eye contact, was not babbling, and had seemingly no interest in the world or people around him. He was finally diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as Dup15q Syndrome.

Over the next few years, Aidan received many additional diagnoses. With so many overwhelming obstacles before him, he’s still made progress worth celebrating.

Great things his parents want you to know about Aidan:

  • As a teenager he’s learning to communicate through his iPad
  • His personality is shining through and he is even making jokes
  • He runs (when we didn’t think he would walk)
  • He laughs (when we couldn’t get him to smile)
  • He has a love and fascination with nature
  • He is an amazing spirit and he has taught us so much along the way
  • He has given us new lenses that changed how we view the world around us. Because he is here, we have met the most rock solid, salt of the earth people who have restored our faith in humanity

Things we think Aidan, who is non-verbal, would like to say to you are:

  • Know that I am unique and be cool with my unique behavior
  • Live in the Now with me, because that is where I am
  • Love me for who I am – because I am greatness defined

Things we want you to know about Dup15q Syndrome:

  • Dup15q is the most frequently (3-5%) identified genetic anomaly in people with autism
  • There are 1000 people worldwide with Dup15, but growing everyday with the increase of genetic testing for people with autism
  • For more information on Dup15q, please visit: We are regional reps for the Dup15q Alliance and would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or just need an ear to listen

To others whose lives have been touched by Dup15q Syndrome:

Whatever you are going through, know that understanding the cause is probably in the future. We know that your world is being shaken right now, but trust that you will find solid ground to stand on and know that you will become a better person because of the journey. Love and patience will see you through. Robert & Adrienne – Aidan’s parents

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