Champions of the Foundation

Meet Juss

Condition: Albinism

  • Model for Adidas, Bathing Ape, Nike & others
  • Aspiring singer and song writer
  • Uplifts and encourages others dealing with difficulties

Being born as an African American Albino from the South Bronx makes Juss as unique as his talent and approach to life.

His childhood was full of obstacles where he had to learn to adapt quickly to both the dangerous environment he lived in and to the fact that he didn’t fit in because there wasn’t anyone that looked like him.

It was during high school, that Juss realized that regardless of all the painful stares from others, that the reflection he saw in the mirror, was truly a blessing not a curse.

He added modeling to his art career, with appearances in the U-S, Mexico and Sweden for Adidas, Bathing Ape, Timberland, XLNC, Gothenburg, BonafideWedn and Nike. He’s been featured in paintings by Margaret Bowland that went on display in the Driscoll Babcock Gallery in New York.  Courageous Faces Foundation provided Juss the once in a lifetime opportunity to be in WALK, New York Fashion Week. 

Through his work, Juss says he wants to lead and inspire others with differences to find their own unique beauty and celebrate it not as strange, but special.

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