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Find the perfect gift while supporting Courageous Faces & Local Businesses.


When you choose that hard-to-find special gift at Heritage Cards and Gifts on November 19th, you will not only stand out for giving something memorable, you will also help Courageous Faces Foundation. A percentage of all sales will be donated throughout the day to Couragoeus Faces so we can help improve the life quality of people living with severe medical conditions. It’s a win for all! Find that one-of-a-kind gift everyone else will miss, and help Courageous Faces Foundation, all at the same time. Please mark your calendar for November 19th and make your memorable impact in two ways at once.

Make a difference while holiday shopping this year!


Happy Holiday Shopping! No time like the present to be sure you have your King Soopers loyalty card connected to Courageous Faces Foundation.

Go to, to enroll your loyalty card online and select Courageous Faces Foundation as your charity.

King Soopers will donate to the foundation every time you shop at NO COST TO YOU! Thank you for helping us make a difference in the quality

of life for people living with rare and severe medical conditions this holiday season!