Just Ask Workshop

Those whom the Courageous Faces Foundation has helped are eager to give back and inspire others with their stories, but not all feel they’ve honed their public speaking presentation skills to accomplish that with confidence.

The First Annual Just Ask Institute Workshop was held in Denver, CO. as Courageous Faces Foundation teamed up with Effective Presentations for a revitalizing three-day workshop to transform the Champions of the Foundation into more compelling speakers.They focused on how to create powerful openings, the importance of first impressions, appropriate gestures, voice quality, involving the audience in their presentations, using humor, and most importantly, telling captivating stories. Concentrated sessions were interspersed with time for socializing, shopping, dinners, and even karaoke.

The result? A group of Just Ask Institute Speakers more equipped than before to inspire others to rise above their circumstances, and maximize their own potential, gifts, and talents as they build awareness for all who live with rare and severe medical conditions.

The best news is you can now schedule one of our Just Ask Speakers for your group or organization. Please send your request to info@courageousfacesfoundation.org

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