Miracle for KJ


Because of you and your generosity, KJ Yates had a new Home!

Through your kindness, your donations enabled the Courageous Faces Foundation to rent a 3-bedroom, clean, healthy home and completely furnish it with brand new items for KJ & his family.

December 2, 2017, KJ was admitted to Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith Arkansas with pneumonia and severe breathing issues. During those two months in ICU the doctors were not sure KJ would survive so the decision to put in a tracheostomy was made. Miraculously, KJ being the fighter he is, not only survived but started to get a bit stronger.

Everyone was elated when on February 5, 2018, KJ was finally able to go home. However, not to his unhealthy & dilapidated home in Bokoshe, Oklahoma, but to a clean, desirable home, close to the hospital and far from the toxic air of Bokoshe. (please see links) The Devastating Effects of Coal Ash, Coal Ash Toxicity, Is Coal Ash Killing This Oklahoma Town?, Toxic Coal ash in Bokoshe, OK

KJ was elated when he arrived by ambulance and saw his new home. He loved his bedroom which had a new medical bed & mattress, along with a soft recliner, a 50-inch flat screen TV that he could see with his limited vision, places to put all his medical equipment & supplies he would need and many other things to give him an excellent quality of life.

KJ arriving home by ambulance.

KJ’s new medical bed.

First look at new room.

From hospital room.

To welcome home.

Kenny, Lora, KJ, Koby & Keaton are beyond thrilled with their residence and all the wonderful items and furniture including appliances, electronics, beds, bedding and cupboards stocked with food. Special thanks to FFO Home store in Fort Smith Arkansas for their generous donation of beautiful quality furniture for the Yates family.

KJ Yates, one of the Faces of the Foundation, has a rare & severe medical condition called Steven Johnson Syndrome, an allergic reaction to an antibiotic he developed after surviving a mobile home fire at the age of 8 years old.

KJ in his new living room with Trish Morris.

KJ taking tour of new house for the first time.

KJ’s recliner in his room and storage for supplies.

Photographer Johnny Wilson visiting KJ & family.

Medical Volunteer Erin McDowell with KJ & Trish.

Dad Kenny & Step Mom Laura “loving” the house.

We truly appreciate your continued support.

When YOU donate to the Courageous Faces Foundation you can be part of a Miracle in someone’s life!

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