Tank Event

Hats Off to All Who Supported the 2021 Tank Event!

Huge thanks to South Metro Denver Chamber, Lone Tree Arts Center, and the non-profit business partnership group for hosting this year’s great tank event. Special thanks to our emcee Natasha Verma from 9News & our 2021 Presenting Sponsor Charles Schwab. This event showcased 12 non-profits and exemplified the value of business & community partnerships.

The Tank 2019

Courageous Faces was excited to be a part of the South Metro Denver Chamber “Tank Event” on April 30th, 2019, featuring six presenting nonprofits, along with multiple exhibitors, business partners, and guests. Lone Tree Performing Arts served as a picturesque venue that provided everyone in attendance with great service and a superb location to showcase the unique services our nonprofits give back to the community.

All nonprofits are winners at The Tank event however Courageous Faces Foundation was proud to be at the top of the “leaderboard” with fundraising. Our thanks to all of you who contributed to CFF through ticket purchases, being a Shark sponsor, and those who gave in-person donations throughout the event.

Your support of this event means you are making a difference in the lives of those living with rare and severe medical conditions, whom CFF serves. We are so grateful for our community of donors!!

The Tank 2020

Once again, the South Metro Denver Chamber is excited to host the 2020 “The Tank” event on June 23, 2020 at the Lone Tree Performing Arts Center. This annual focus has come to be one of the Chamber’s premier events. Local nonprofits will pitch their organization or a unique program idea in front of community business leaders, philanthropists, members, and guests.

Courageous Faces Foundation is a featured exhibitor this year. Last year we presented and successfully raised thousands of dollars. Again, we look forward to sharing our work through the exhibit time before and after the Tank presentations.

This year different nonprofits have been selected to showcase what they do and the people they represent. We invite you to buy tickets to support CFF, the Chamber, and those nonprofits presenting. The event will deliver an inspiring array of how nonprofits right close to home are serving this community in an irreplaceable way. It truly is an uplifting evening you don’t want to miss that helps galvanize the for-profit and not-for- profit sectors of the community together.

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