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Condition: Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome

  • Actress who has starred in several movies
  • Loves dancing, cooking, friends, family and her dog Koda
  • Believes in not taking life for granted and enjoying every minute

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Born in Tehran, Zahra faced an immediate disadvantage, especially dealing with the lack of the complex early medical treatment needed for Freedman Sheldon Syndrome (aka. Whistling Face Syndrome). Unable to get quality care in Iran, her parents brought her to the United States and heartbreakingly gave her up for adoption to a wonderful “second mom” in America, named Carolyn, so Zahra could get the medical care she needed. Fortunately, she did, but it wasn’t an easy road.

Zahra’s early years meant feeding her through an eye dropper as an infant, a tracheotomy tube, dealing with clubbed feet and hands, braces, multiple surgeries, and eventually prosthetic legs. Yet through all that, she now lives on her own, has attended Jr. college, has officially become a U.S. citizen, and an actress.

She says her involvement with Courageous Faces Foundation has meant opportunities, friends, and experiences she never would have had on her own. The support and the ability to be totally accepted and celebrated as a special and valuable person has been life changing.

Things to Know About Me:

  • I am an actress and have been in several movies
  • I am a strong willed, healthy, intelligent woman
  • I indulge in good reality TV
  • My life is blessed, and I try to enjoy every second of life because I know that I am a miracle

Through the Courageous Faces Foundation:

  • I have had opportunities I would not otherwise have experienced
  • I have attended galas, workshops and conferences
  • I love the KitchenAid & culinary tools the Foundation provided for me
  • I met the amazing World Classic Rockers and got to sing with them on stage
  • I received support in multiple ways for my dog Koda when needed
  • I was supported & celebrated as I became a US citizen in 2017

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