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Meet Johnny

Condition: Burn Survivor

  • Burn Survivor and proud Burn Thriver
  • Loves dancing, body building, animals, drawing, 4-wheeling, and all things Batman
  • Wants to inspire others to accept themselves as they are



Watch Johnny’s inspiring story of going from Burn Survivor to Burn Thriver. Not only has Johnny Quinn survived a fire in which he was burned over more than 95% of his body, he now even says his scars, painful as they have been, have made him a better person.


Johnny Quinn got a surprise visit from fellow Courageous Faces Foundation Champion Reggie Bibbs when Johnny was in Galveston, Texas for another round of his continuing operations to correct severe scars that resulted from him being burned over 95% of his body when he was 4-years old. Reggie lives in Houston, about 45-minutes away, and the Courageous Faces Foundation arranged for Reggie and his mom to pull off an unexpected reunion of the long-time friends


After surviving a fire at a very young age, Face of the Foundation Johnny was given new prosthetic ears. Your contributions allowed retired CIA Disguise Specialist Robert Barron to provide new ears for this passionate, inspiring, and courageous 18-year old. Upon receiving his new ears, Johnny was overwhelmed with his transformation. As a Batman enthusiast, Johnny stated “Now all I need are Batman earrings”, which were quickly provided for him.


Three-time GMA Dove Award Winner and American Idol Colton Dixon’s inspiring song Scars gave Johnny a new outlook on life. Getting to meet Colton in person was a dream come true. Read more about Johnny’s Dream of a Lifetime coming true thanks to donors like you.


16-years after Johnny Quinn was burned over 95% of his body in a fire in a shed when he was 4 years old, he finally got to meet many of the medical workers who cared for him. The occasion was the Pediatric Trauma Conference in Memphis where he spoke to the ballroom of people who deal with children’s trauma of all kinds including severe burns.


Ryan Renolds Replies to Burn Victim Jadiant

Ryan Reynolds once again proved that he’s a good human being and that playing a superhero can inspire fans to do great things and to live better lives. The actor is getting praise all over the internet for his wholesome response to burn victim Jadiant’s inspirational Instagram post.

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